Regarding reservation method

Please note that in a Macintosh environment, you may have trouble completing reservation.

Choose date of departure

Reservations can be made through 「Reservation・Vacancy Inquiry・Price」link/ button found in each page.
Reservation is accepted by 4pm of date of departure.

Seats availability from date searched to 1 week from desired date will be displayed.
The no. of vacancy left for each route is displayed as follow
「○」means more than 10 empty seats,
For number less than 10,「x」will be displayed.
「-」means no acceptance.

「片道予約("One-way reservation")」 is booked only for the schedule you selected earlier.
「往復予約("Round-trip reservation")」 will make a reservation by round trip.

If you select round-trip reservation, you will be on the return bus selection screen.
Please select the date on the upper line of the screen and click 「検索(Search)」.
Select the checkbox to be displayed and click 「次へすすむ(Next)」.

No. of passenger・Options

Please confirm the date displayed.

Please select the no. of passenger from the next page (There is no child rate.)
For round-trip reservation, please select the no. of passengers for round-trip.
After you select the no. of passengers, please confirm the price and click「次へすすむ(Next)」.

Customer information

For payment , you may choose from the following:Credit card(VISA・MASTER・JCB・AMEX), convenience store payment, bank transfer, postal transfer.
For more information about payment method, please refer the page here.

Please note that, if you chose payment through convenience store and cancel or change your reservation and need a refund, we can only make refunds to Japanese bank accounts.
Please note that we cannot remit to foreign countries.

The deadline for the payment will be shown on the reservation screen or on the reservation confirmation e-mail.
Your reservation will be automatically cancelled if the payment has not been made by the deadline.

・ Customers who are making a reservation for the first time

For customers who are making a reservation for the first time, please confirm the details of Private Policy and should you agree, After you checked “I agree”, please click「Next」.

Please follow the guide and fill in the all required fields.
After filling in the information, click 「Go to reservation confirmation page」.

After you confirmed and agreed with the Privacy Policy, please enter the passenger information of the applicant.
We only accept one-time payment.
If you agree with the above, please check『同意する(I agree)』.

・ Customers who are making a reservation from 2nd time onwards

Customers who have used our service before, please fill in your e-mail address and password and click「Next」.
If you have forgotten your password, after you fill in the e-mail address, click 「Confirm Password」.
The password will be sent to the registered e-mail address.

Bus stop name / Alighting location names

海浜幕張 Kaihin Makuhari
池袋 Ikebukuro
東京駅 Tokyo Station
新宿南 Shinjuku Minami
南草津 Minami Kusatsu
梅田 Umeda
神戸三宮 Kobe
USJ Universal Studios Japan
京都 Kyoto
名古屋駅西口 Nagoya Station West Exit
名古屋南笹島ライブ Nagoya Minami Sasashima Live
三条・燕B.S Sanjo Tsubame Bus Stop
鳥原B.S Toppara Bus Stop
新潟大学前 Niigata University
新潟駅 Niigata Station
長岡駅大手口 Nagaoka Station Ote Exit


Language English 中文
ローマ字名 Roman alphabet 罗马字母
生年月日 Birthday 生日
携帯番号  Cellphone number 手机号码
メールアドレス Email address 电子邮件
ご請求先 Billing Destination 结算人
お支払方法 For payment 对于付款
カード決済 Credit-card transactions 信用卡交易
カード番号 Credit card number 信用卡号
有効期限 Credit card expiration date 信用卡到期日
銀行振込・郵便局 bank transfer, postal transfer 银行汇款,邮局划拨
座席希望 Seat request 座位指定
代表者様 Representative 代表者
年齢 Age 年龄
乗車地 Boarding location 乘车点
下車地 Alighting location 下车点
修正する Rewrite 改写
予約する Reserve 预约

Confirm reservation details

Please confirm your reservation details.
To edit the details, click the “Back” button to return to previous page.

Reservation complete

A reservation confirmation email has been sent to your registered email address.
Please confirm the assembly time and meeting place.

The bus will leave at its designated scheduled time.
We do not wait for late passengers, and you will not receive notification from us.

Price change can be expected. However, refund requests will not be honored.
Bus Company has voluntarily joined the insurance. (Unlimited, injury, death insurance)

If we are not able to confirm your payment by payment deadline, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.
Please bring along your receipt on the date of departure. (For payment made by Credit Card, please bring along the email content.)
To learn more about payment method, please refer to here.

To cancel, please contact us through the contact form here.

Payment deadline

【Convenience store payment】
Please present the payment ticket at each convenience store before payment deadline, or, by 6pm on departure day, whichever occurs the earliest.
【Bank transfer・Postal transfer】
Within 3 days of reservation or 15hours before date of departure, whichever occurs the earliest.