Frequently Asked Question

Regarding reservation and payment.

Internet reservations are available for 365 days. (From 06:00- next day 04:00)
(Website maintenance is between 04:00-06:00. No reservations will be accepted during this period.)
After confirming the seats that are available through「Vacancy Inquire・Reservation」, go to「Reserve」and fill in the field.
You may make a reservation using any of the devices.
Depending on product-type, you might not be able to make a reservation using certain tablet-type devices.
Should such problems occur, please use a computer or other type of devices.
For more details of the price for each bus type, please refer to information page by clicking the「Reservation・Vacancy Inquiry・Price」button.

Price is subject to change without prior notice.
No refund or additional fee will be charged to tickets purchased before price adjustment.
Please select「Credit Card」from「Payment Method」found under「Customer Personal Information」from reservation page.
Enter Rakuten Card number to accumulate 2 times Rakuten Super Points.

Points accumulated by end of the month using Rakuten Card will be awarded by the 15th of following month.
We do not accept any inquiries regard Rakuten Card or Rakuten Super Points.
Should you have any questions, please refer to here.
Below are the criteria for receiving T-POINTS:

・Utilize bus plan that is only applicable to Amy-Go.
・T-POINTS will be awarded within 10 days after boarding the bus.
・If you do not own a T Card and wish to accumulate points, please to visit our shop personally or to any of the nearest store that distributes the card in advance.
It is possible for Amy-Go to suspend its service last minute due to bad weather or traffic condition.
Should suspension of service occur, please check the detail from our website. Or, contact us through your registered email or by phone. Or, our staff may be at boarding location to explain the situation.
After reservation, you will receive an email containing reservation detail that requires your confirmation to your registered e-mail address.
If you realize any mistake in the reservation detail, or if you do not receive any email from us, please contact us.
For payment , you may choose from the following:Credit card(VISA・MASTER・JCB・AMEX), convenience store payment, bank transfer, postal transfer.
For payment method by each convenience store, please refer to here.

Should you reserve by phone, you may choose from bank transfer or Convenience store payment using Smart Pit for the payment.
To learn more about payment method, please refer to the page here.
【Payment at convenience store】
Please present the payment ticket at each convenience store before payment deadline, or, by 6pm on date of departure, whichever occurs the earliest.

【Payment by Bank Transfer/ Postal Transfer】
Within 3 days of reservation or 3pm before date of departure, whichever occurs the earliest.
After reservation, you will not receive notification regarding payment confirmation.
Please bring along your payment receipt when boarding to show proof of payment.
(For payment made by Credit Card, please bring along the email content that confirms your reservation.)

We will confirm from our side if passenger can use our service if passenger is not able to prove payment.
No, we do not give out boarding ticket.
Please bring along printed copy of email for proof of payment after reservation is completed.
If you are unable to print the email, please note down the reservation number found in the email and bring it on the day of departure.
Underage who are above primary school (elementary school) can also apply to Amy-Go. No consent is required for the use of Expressway bus Amy-Go.
We do not provide discount rates for children, students or the disabled.

※We apologize that infants are refrain from boarding night bus because they might cause sleep disturbance to other passengers and night bus crew.
You will receive an error message (HTTP Status 500) when the network is busy. Please close and reopen your browser and try logging in again.
If problem persists, please contact us for assistance through the inquiry form.

If you are visiting our website using a different browser (Such as Safari or Firefox) you might experience some performance issues.
For customer who are unable to reserve online, please do so by phone.

Regarding changing or cancelling reservation.

For changes to your reservations made 10 days prior to departure, after you cancelled the reservation, you will have to make a new reservation.
You may make a reservation if there is seat available for the changed date but you will be charged cancellation fee.
For changes made 11 days prior to departure and should empty seats be available, no cancellation fee will apply.
After reservation, should you want to upgrade the bus type, it will be taken as a cancellation or a new reservation in principle.
Cancellation fee will be applied 10 days prior to the date of departure.
You may make changes with no extra charge until 1 day before date of departure (within the office hour of phone reception.
It is possible that you cannot make changes to the location if you make your request by e-mail or fax after phone reception hours, 1 day before date of departure.
For cancellation or changes to your reservation, please contact us through email form here.

※Cancellation by email received after office hour will be accepted once our company receives the email.

・After payment by Credit Card is complete
1. Cancellation made 10 days prior to departure.
The cancellation fee will apply on the day cancellation is made.
Please transfer the cancellation fee to our account via convenience store, bank or postal office.
 After we confirm that cancellation fee has been made, we will refund the ticket to the credit card used by Credit Card payment.

2. Cancellation made 11 days prior to departure.
The cancellation fee will apply on the day cancellation is made.
1) Should cancellation be made within the same month as reservation, we will cancel to charge credit card. (0 yen administrative fee will be charged)

2) Should cancellation be made the following month or the month after next of the reservation is made, we will refund to the credit card by month-to-month process.
A full payment will first be deducted before we refund the money back to the card the following month.
(Zero administrative fee, but full amount will be deducted first)

・After payment at convenience store is complete
Refund will be made through bank account regardless of cancellation fee amount, and or whether it is on targeted date or exemption date.
The customer will be responsible for any bank transfer fee.
(The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ 108yen Japan Post bank 113yen Other financial institutions 540yen)

Cancellation Fee for Expressway Bus is as follows
Changes・Cancellation(Counting back from1 day prior to departure date) Changes・Cancellation FeeExpressway bus product
After the 11th day No Charge
After the 10th day, until the 8th day 20% of bus fare
After the 7th day, until the 2nd day 30% of bus fare
1 day prior to boarding date 40% of bus fare
Boarding date 50% of bus fare
After bus departs, or no contact received, no show 100% of bus fare

※Should cancellation or amendment fee incur, it will round off to the nearest ten yen.
※Bank transfer fees for other refunds due to customer reason will be paid by the customer.
In case of service suspension due to natural disasters and inevitable accidents, tickets will be refunded.

Refund method・・・For reservations made through this website, refunds will be made via bank or postal transfer. Please let us know your account by phone or email.
For reservations made through other websites, please contact the agency from the website you applied from. (Refund methods may different between agencies.)

Bus seats・Others

『Amy-Go』comes in large-size tour bus.

【VALUE(4seat row)】
A normal tour bus that do not come with toilet.

【RELAX(4seat row)】
The bus operates using a seating arrangement made up of 10 rows instead of usual 11 – 12 rows, and wider space between each seats. Passengers get to enjoy more leg room and even if passenger in front recline their seats to the maximum, there is no need to worry about having your feet or knees hit.
The bus does not come with toilet in general.
Baggage as big as suitcase will be loaded in the trunk, but we ask for your cooperation in confirming the baggage. Baggage too big for trunk space may be rejected, please check the size beforehand.
Music instruments and animals such as pets are not allowed on board our buses or entrust to us.
We take no responsibility for any damage caused to the baggage caused by the impact during the journey.
After departing from the last destination, you get to take a break at Service Area (SA)・Parking Area (PA) every 2-3 hours interval.
You are not able to make request specific seats but we will ask about your request during reservation.
However we apologize if we are not able to meet your requirements.
For 4-seats in a row, we will try to arrange for same-gender based on the gender information received during reservation.
(For reservation of more than 2, arrangement will be made for the group to sit close together.)
Even if you and your companion board the bus from different locations, we will arrange for a side-by-side seat on the same bus.
You may select boarding location for your companion from「3. Customer Personal Information」on the internet reservation page.
Please confirm the assembly area from assembly area/time schedule of respective location that you will be using.
A display that says「Amy-Go」can be found at the bus terminal.
That bus will be the「Expressway Bus」that you will be using, and it will leave at designated scheduled time.
Phone inquiry is only available in Japanese. For assistance in English, please contact us through email form here.